Monday, March 10, 2014

Battery performance of green smoke electronic cigarettes

The battery of greensmoke uk is long lasting and you get life time warranty for battery. It means that you can replace the battery anytime for free. There are many other reasons for which people like this brand. It is not only the battery performance that is attracting people, but it is also due to the different kits and flavours available in this brand.  No other e-cigarette brand gives you so many options. Another important feature of green smoke is that it is the most reasonable brand of electronic cigarette and the maintenance cost is very low. The battery has a lifetime warranty so that you can replace it anytime. ecigarettereviews site describe this in more detail.

The cartridge cost is very low. One cartridge gives you about puffs equivalent to 35 cigarettes. The battery of the green smoke lasts longer. You do not have to charge the battery again and again. It is very easy to charge the battery. You have to connect the battery with a USB port. If you have car adaptor you may attach the battery in your car for charging and if you are in the office, then you may use your laptop of wall adaptor for charging your e-cigarette. It is very convenient to charge the battery of green smoke and you can enjoy continuous smoking by keeping the battery fully charged. Jake also likes green smoke due to excellent battery performance.

You can increase the life of battery by unscrewing it when your e-cigarette is not in use. When the kit is shipped, the battery has 70% charging. You can directly use the battery, but it is recommended to charge the battery completely before using. The life of a single battery is up to one year and you can charge the battery around 400 times. It takes about 4-5 hours for complete charging of the battery. When you see that the performance of battery decreases, you may get a new one.

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